Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's been a week filled with...FOOD! (what a surprise eh)

Decided to cook pork belly rashers which were sitting in the freezer. Now we all know that the longer something hibernates in the freezer, the sooner it is forgotten. I've had things grow mold in my fridge...dadada now moving on.
Fluffy buttery mash (cheated and used instant mix haha)

Painstakingly marinated pork belly rashers with five spice and heaps of other random stuff. Was hoping it'd turn out nice like siew yuk (yummmmmm cracklingggggg) but unfortunately they were chewy :(

Issa ok issa ok, still edible. Quite flavourful too :D

Ready-made roast vegies are yuck, next time I'll make them from scratch! I liked the pairing of apple sauce with pork. I made stewed apples for the first time too, but was a little too heavy-handed with the sugar.

Decided to make white choc cranberry cookies today...what was supposed to be an 8 minute affair lasted an hour!! And not to mention the cookies were mega-fail presentation wise too. You shall on.
Lined up prettily, ready to be baked in the oven. Oh may I add that the boy was involved in 80% of the preparation! Pretty impressed with his efforts considering the only thing he probably makes in the kitchen is boiled water hehe.

He even chopped up the 3 cookies in the pic below as the cranberry and white choc chips were too humongous. The two blobs at the top belong to me...cos I got lazy making the tray above shhh.

Sitting duck cookie. Not knowing the fate that awaits it HA HA BURNNNNNNNNNNN in the oven!

They came out all joined together!!! Wahhh *cries.

And became mutant blobs!!!! But it's all good, cos sis just had some and said they were nice. The world is good again yay.

Gummi bears drowning in doughnut ice-cream from Cold Rock Ice Creamery. The ice-cream there tastes so so bad I'd never go back again. I guess it's fun the first time just for the novelty factor cos you get to pick your flavour and what you want to add in it, and they chop and mix your ingredients and ice-cream on a cold stone slab.

Very yummy dandan mien from Xiao Ting Box in Richmond.

But don't have the Xiao loong bao...they were just..dumplings with no soup!

And then my sister decided to make stuff too...Bruschetta with yummy topping I have no idea what, but I could definitely taste bacon bits and tomato and other unidentifiable stuff.

Salad sitting on baked potatoes topped with cheese. Yummmm!

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