Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ahhh, it's been a few days of Merry Eating.

On one of the very rare days that mom didn't cook dinner, the boy and I headed to MyCUBE on Lygon St to have some pretty decent Malaysian/ Singaporean food. This is what we had for dessert, so so good! It's called 'Pandan Ninja'. Or 'Panda Ninja' ? Either way it's yummy.

What do parents buy when they come over for a visit? PLENTY of vitamin supplements! Just look...

You'd assume that Woolies know their items insideoutupsidedown but I think they need a bit more education in the Vegetable department.

Sister made cheesesticks with puff pastry (if only you could try some, they were so tasty!) and decided to put the gingerbread cookie cutter to good use...

The gingerbreadmen cheesepuffs came out PUFFY! Hahaha, so cute. Mr. SuperPUFF to the rescue!

Mom cooked the tumeric fish she'd been talking about since touching down in Melbourne on Day 1. We bought a snapper from trusty Queen Victoria Market and carried it around the CBD with us so it saw a bit of the world before it ended up in our tummies. Behold the awesomest tumeric fish ever consumed by humans.
 After which we went to Williamstown for some crepe flambe! Look my crepe is ON FIRE!

Bacon for breakfast again <3. Bacon is my personal alarm clock. Works everytime!

Sister was reunited with her Gingerbread bfs since meeting them in HK one Christmas ago...This time they were in a shop window in Glen Waverley.

I still have no plans for NYE and it's tonight!! The city's gonna be packed, the weather is a scorching 35 degrees and storms have been predicted for later in the night. Sounds like it's a good idea to stay in. Spent the day (ok, made them. My sis and I just decorated them since we have the combined talents of Picasso and Dali) making and creating these..

Here's wishing everyone a happy 2010!!

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