Saturday, August 21, 2010

Seven Seeds - Carlton

I finally managed to make it to Seven Seeds, 3 months after having a soy latte at its sister shop Brother Baba Budan in the CBD and having the man sitting beside me suggest I pay Seven Seeds a visit. 

Decked out in the usual warehouse setting it was filled with people, but definitely not packed and we didn't have to wait for a table.

Coffee bean family tree?

I'd been wanting to have Waldorf salad (why is it so difficult to find a cafe that serves Waldorf salad in Melbourne, btw?) since once of my ex-colleagues talked about what she had for lunch. The last time I had Waldorf salad would have been years ago. This was perfect for me as well, since I was still a little bit sick when I visited. Only gripe I have is they should have used another type of salad mix instead of rocket, and used fresh grapes instead of dried currants. I love my Waldorf with heaps of fruit! No complains about the chicken, I like my salads with chicken.

The boy chose the baked beans with chorizo, goat's cheese and chilli salt. It reminds me of the cannellini beans I had at Mart 130. I'm still not a big fan of goat's cheese, but I thought the baked beans, chorizo and chilli salt were quite delicious and hearty. 

All in all, Seven Seeds is meant to serve one of the better coffees in Melbourne but feedback from those that had coffee today was that the coffee was so-so. The breakfast menu was smaller than I expected, but they had a couple of pastries at the counter, for those that need that extra bit more. 

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