Friday, August 20, 2010

#2- Going places...

What I loved about my job was the fact that I could break up the monotony of being in the office with regular client visits, with some visits taking me to beautiful countrysides. I've had the opportunity to work in the Hunter Valley (a wine country in NSW) for the past 3 years and it was only last year that we took full advantage of our free time and paid some wine estates and olive groves a visit. Don't get me's not all about fine wining and dining, I was working for a mining client hence I was out at one of their mines. It was great being able to see what our client does on a day-to-day basis.
Part of the office building.

Dirty coal.

Mining machinery

On one of the days, having finished our work way before deadline, we snuck in a few hours and headed to Pukara Estate- which is an olive grove. It was here that I tasted delectable olive oils and vinegars, and it was here that I was educated on how to distinguish between quality and generic olive oils. I will never go back to normal olive oil again! The real thing is so amazing- you just can't compare.
Hello olive trees!

Look at the selection of olive oils and vinegars on display. I particularly liked the EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), chilli olive oil and balsamic vinegars.

Mmm...I bought 4 bottles to take home. Prior to the visit, I never knew of the existence of so many varieties of oils and vinegars!

Our lunch tasting platter- with olive tapenade, vinegar, olives, olive oil, dukkah and some sort of cheese. 

On our last day on the way to the airport we made a quick pitstop to Bimbadgen Estate for a sneaky glass of wine. Lunch was at Esca in Bimbadgen.
It was too chilly hence we chose to sit inside, otherwise the weather was perfect.
Rolling hills and blue skies.

Seared scallops on creamed corn with pancetta

Wood spit roasted duck with shitake mushrooms and greens

This was a winner- ocean trout in pastry served with salmon roe and creme-fraiche

And then my other jobs have given me great views. Normally in the office I have no view whatsoever...I have no idea if it's raining or sunny outside... I changed my wallpaper to something that's happy to look at! Alexander McQueen Skull Clutch come to me!

I wouldn't mind sitting in this room working away when I've got such great views. 

And then taking a break in this well-stocked pantry

If you were a guy who followed AFL you would be jealous of the next room I worked from. Ok, maybe not jealous as there wasn't a match going on at that time, but still....! It's a corporate box overlooking the Etihad Stadium!
Up close and personal with (imaginary) action! :D

And finally, having lunch overlooking the Sydney Harbour Bridge....just beautiful...

Looking back at these pictures I really do miss the travel opportunities- but it's only onward and upward from now! :)

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