Wednesday, July 21, 2010

yummy yummy yummy i've got bugs in my tummy!!

Came across these in Coles one day and me being a sucker for all things with great packaging fell for them instantly .... and in they went into my shopping basket :D  I initially trialled one box and it was good enough to make me buy all the other flavours.
Scroll down 3-4 pictures to see how they get transformed ;)

The surprise is...they actually taste nice! Especially the chocolate koala named Bruce- the mud cake tasted really yummy and moist. Mmm...I'm gonna have one right after I finish this post as a reward.

So now we all know Bruce loves to snowboard- why not give him his gear and send him off to the snow? His watch is constantly at 12.30pm too- lunch time all day...he must be stoked! No wonder he looks happily satisfied.

Kevin the caramel koala on the other hand loves cricket, eating green apples and collecting insects (ewww), so we gave him all 3! Lol I put the green apple on his face and the knee guards on his non-existent knees.
Hahaha, so much fun playing with the stickers in the box and dressing these koalas up. Too bad Cath the raspberry white choc koala didn't come with any :(

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