Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Random views from my mobile....

I'm steering away from food posts today just to mix things up, so here are a few pics from my phone....some as old as a year ago!

Some pics taken when I was back in KL during Chinese New Year earlier this year. I believe this was the deco in Midvalley- so pretty!

Best Nasi Dagang and Lemongrass drink EVER! From some shop in 1 Utama methinks. I can't rotate the pic so just tilt your heads haha.

Would you like some cerery? Veli cheap only $3.68 dorrah.

My grandparents make the yummiest assam laksa in the world!

Spotted: Miranda Kerr at David Jones on Bourke St (when she was first appointed DJ's ambassador)

A protest by Pacific Brands employees to keep jobs in Australia instead of moving them offshore to China. This made headlines and was in the news for quite some time last year.

Eureka- tallest residential building in '___________'. I have no idea where, and their site doesn't work anymore -_- . I love how the sun's rays reflect beautifully off the top of the building.

The next couple of pics are from work.
My desk when I first started as a grad. I've since moved desks 3 times! The boxes, lei and starfish are random stuff I've collected from my company's functions over the years....Christmas parties, drinks, social club invitations, retreats...fun times. 

Bye-bye desk...onto a bigger one!

 I don't have a pic of where I currently sit, but this is what I see when I look up. I dread the day when the balloons start popping around the office. 

Cupcakes from the launch of some event in my division- I hope that explains the balloons haha

My cupcakes even says 'Regulatory and Contractual'...the other one I had even had 'Tax' or 'Accounting' on it...be careful..work is Big Brother! They're always watching you.....lol jokes. I certainly hope not.

Signing off now- these pigs look like they're in the middle of some SERIOUS discussion.

Good night!

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