Thursday, July 1, 2010

I have a personal chef!

The boy's been busy in the kitchen lately and this can only mean it's good news for me because I get home-cooked food without having to cook! He's also needing less supervision so I can happily watch Masterchef while he preps in the kitchen. Double yay!

Keeping us full with Mee Goreng...

Roasted porkchops with sprigs of thyme, honey and soy- I really liked this.

He also made mash potato from scratch. I've never ever made mash from scratch, I always use the instant stuff so I'm really very amazed and proud by how far he's come in terms of cooking. He personally peeled, boiled and mashed potatoes (so patient!). The recipe called for bits of chopped cabbage in the mash, which was a nice addition. I added some gherkins on the side cos I like anything that's been pickled :D I should get my act together and start cooking again....someday ;) but in the meantime I'll enjoy being fed.

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