Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Giuseppe Arnaldo & Sons- Crown

This place doesn't accept bookings so we had to wait by the bar for quite a while before we got seated. Everytime I walked past this restaurant I couldn't see inside so I had no idea it got so packed on Fridays and weekends. I finally got the chance to try this place as one of the boy's friends was shouting us dinner.
Rocca Reggiano- 3 year old. Apparently the King of Reggiano cheeses. Give me a plate and I'll finish everything because I love my cheeses and this was yum. Served with celery stalks, fennel biscotti and paper bread.
Risotto Nero- squid ink rice with calamari, chilli, garlic, lemon and parsley. I can't remember what this tasted like since it wasn't my dish and it's been a couple of weeks since this pic was taken but overall the food was a-ok. Nothing really stood out but I guess the selection of cheeses will lure me back one fine day....

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