Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oktoberfest in Sydney!

Situated at The Rocks, this German restaurant was packed to the brim- even on a Monday (perhaps due to the fact that it was Labour Day for Sydney)

Even though the festival is called Oktoberfest, it's actually celebrated from the middle of September to early October for 16 days.

3 crazy pseudo-German man performing and pumping up the dinner crowd.

And if it was your birthday, they deafened you with a personal serenade (I think it wasn't his birthday at all, his friends were just playing a prank on him haha)

It was literally just rows and rows of tables inside.
Met up with Steph and her friend Jeremy for a quick catch-up over yummy food.

Even though it was a Monday night and I had a full day's work the day after, how could I not try something from the huge variety of beers on offer? I opted for Mango beer. The beer was soooooo smooth and tasted (almost) like mango juice.

It'd be a sin not to try the pork belly and pork knuckle. YUMM-O!

Calamari with passionfruit sauce as our entree. Mmm talking about food is seriously making me hungry right now.

This was the awesome view from the lunchroom of the office I was working from. Too bad I couldn't go out to play :( Sucks travelling for work.

And this is the tiny room I was holed up in for a few days. The bed was so soft and comfy that I woke up every 2 hours on the first night FML.

I forgot where I took this pic from but I'm in awe everytime I look at it. So grand. Sydney's view trumps Melbourne's view anytime. But I still love Melbourne more!

And isn't that the cutest coffee cup in the world? <3

Looking forward to the weekend! Just spent heaps of money on Asos, can't wait for my package to arrive *impatientimpatientimpatient

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