Friday, October 2, 2009

Fifteen Melbourne

Fifteen Melbourne
Basement, 115-117 Collins Street
(Enter through George Parade)
Melbourne VIC 3000

One day the boy and I decided to head to Fifteen Melbourne for a quick lunch. If you didn't already know, here's brief description on what the restaurant is all about:

Taken from the website Fifteen (worldwide)
'Fifteen Foundation exists to inspire disadvantaged young people – homeless, unemployed, overcoming drug or alcohol problems - to believe that they can create for themselves great careers in the restaurant industry.
The Fifteen restaurants serve food of the highest quality made from the best ingredients:  their kitchens are where the apprentices learn their trade, and their profits help fund the programme.'

So besides filling our tummies with yummy food, we'd be helping out the community along the way. How good is that?

They also serve set lunches at the bar (if you didn't want a proper sit-down lunch, you could opt for this quicker option). I believe the menu changes daily.

We decided to take our time and enjoy our lunches, so we went with the other option. We were seated right in front of the kitchen where we could see all the action going on. Surprisingly, given it was lunch time, things weren't as busy in the kitchen as we'd expected them to be. 

My Tagliatelle with beef shin ragout. I loved this. The pasta was handmade and the texture was just right. I personally prefer my pasta to be thicker and chewier so this was just perfect for me. The beef was very tender and literally melted in my mouth. The flavours of marjoram and rosemary made this dish very hearty- oh yum!

The boy's Pan-fried cod fillet with carnavero and lemon. I thought this tasted normal, but I haven't had carnavero before, so I was excited about trying it. If I remember correctly, it tasted a lil bit bitter but was a good contrast to the overall taste of the dish.

Rhubard and custard pot with biscotti. Hehe, I have no idea what this tastes like as they brought out a wrong order, but it sure does look delish doesn't it?

My Orange and vanilla frangipani tart. It's been a while since I'd been to Fifteen, so I really can't remember what this tasted like. Perhaps the fact that I don't remember the taste meant it didn't possess any wow factor?

We were then given a potted plant as a souvenir. Haha ok no, I kid. This is Tiramisu- which I thought wasn't too bad but I've definitely had better.

Out of all the dishes I tried, I really liked my pasta and I'd definitely recommend giving that a try if you go!

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