Saturday, October 3, 2009

Issus- Centre Lane, Melbourne

Just got back from a morning of trawling the city for cafes that serve brekkie past noon. We'd wanted to try Langton's but unbeknownst to us, instead of stumbling upon a cafe- we were greeted by the sight of Cecconi's! Dayum.

So on we went to Cumulus Inc (just a few doors down) in hopes of washing down some eggs and toast with a glass of juice but once seated, we were given the lunch menu. Strike 2.

Maybe third time lucky then. We thought we'd try Benito but whilst walking to that part of the city we realised that most shops were closed, so what were the odds of Benito's being open? That's right, nil.

Feeling rather disappointed and tired by then (not to mention HUNGRY), we opted for Centre Lane where we knew the hustle and bustle of cafes and shops meant that surely we'd be able to get an all-day breakfast there.

So we settled on Issus as the menu out the front mentioned they served All-day breakfast. The crowd in the restaurant was encouraging as well.

Sure, the deco was pretty and the place it self was warm and cosy but service was terrible. We were seated pretty quickly and given menus almost straightaway but by the time they took our order I could have gone for a run around the block (and I don't run, so you could imagine how long that'd take).

Crushed strawberries- a mixture of OJ, blood orange juice and strawberries. Although the mix sounded yummy, the juice itself was a let down. Not too fussed though, as juices normally depend on the sweetness of the fruits used.

Issue Big Breakfast with Andrew's sausages. Looked yummy right? Tasted so mediocre. It was such a letdown because you normally can't go wrong with big breakfasts. The mushrooms were the only saving grace on this plate. The sourdough toasts were unbuttered, dry, hard and not very tasty. The eggs were average and the yolks weren't fully runny. The sausages tasted like something you could buy at the butchers' and cook yourself. The bacon tasted like something you could buy at Woolies and cook at home (and have them taste better!). The baked beans were supposedly homemade, but they lacked flavour and oomph.

Omelette with spinach. I can't remember what else was in there but this was average too.

Would I go back there again, perhaps to try other things? Maybe...but it'd take a lot of coercing and cajoling.

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