Sunday, September 5, 2010

Der Raum- Richmond

Having talked about this place for over a year and after multiple failed attempts to visit- I believe 2 summers and 2 winters have come and gone since someone came up with the suggestion to go, we finally made an impromptu trip to Der Raum in Richmond. Impromptu it was (hence I didn't have a proper camera with me) but hell, it was worthwhile. Their cocktails are unique and out of this world; they use premium spirits and fresh pressed juices (my fave!) instead of your usual cordials, artificial juices and syrups. It's no wonder they were voted the 3rd Best Bar in the World in 2009 by Worlds Best Bars. 
Just look at the massive selection of alcohol they have hanging from the ceiling.

We were perusing the menu at the bar and the kind bartender served us an Amuse Bouche each whilst we decided on our drinks. Literally translated as 'Amusing the Mouth' (pardon my French)- I believe it was a mixture of Rooibos tea, liquid nitrogen and some sort of alcohol. 

The best place in a restaurant is when you have a bird's eye view of the kitchen, and likewise with a bar- the best view in the house is when you can see the bartenders mixing cocktails for the night. We started off with the Toreador (Nitro Sorbet)- a mixture of tequila, pressed lime, apricot liqueur and agave nectar
Transforming the mixture into sorbet- so cool!

The end result- it was so delicious and smooth; it's perfect melt-in-your-mouth tequila sorbet. Where else can you get a cocktail in the form of a sorbet? I dislike tequila on its own (bad memories of one too many nasty tequila shots), so it's really saying something when I say I really enjoyed the drink above.

I could not only have one drink so I ordered the Sugar Cane Swizzle to kick on the night. This is a combo of pandan and chilli infused rum, cinnamon, pressed lime, aromatic bitters and a hand-cut sugar cane swizzle stick. I believe I have FOUND MY FAVOURITE DRINK. Cocktails will never taste the same again for me, ever! I can't go back to rubbish spirits and plain cordials now can I? :(
The chilli lingers on your lips and the back of your throat- very nice, if you like things spicy, and the pandan provides a beautiful fragrant aftertaste. The sugar cane makes a nice take away palatte cleanser and brings back childhood memories of chewing on raw sugar cane sticks. Once again, I hate rum (just like how I don't like tequila), but this drink just blew me away.

I'll be back for sure, there's too many creative cocktails on the menu to taste test ;)

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