Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cafe Sweethearts - South Melbourne

Cafe Sweethearts is my failsafe choice for a satisfying breakfast. This place has certainly gotten more popular over the years, up to the point where it's better to make a reservation so that you're guaranteed a table, and this is something that I don't really like. I mean, how often do you call ahead to make a booking for breakfast? When I go to sleep the night before, I don't even know if I'll be heading out the next day, or spending all day at home watching shows on my computer hibernating under the doona.

But I guess they've got to do what they've got to do to control the crowd that keeps pouring in through their double doors. Hmm, make that revolving doors, since there's always people coming and going har har. You can always take a chance and rock up without a reservation, but be prepared to wait or be turned away if they are REALLY busy and can't accommodate you. Their Eggs Benedict section of the menu is extensive and they have many variants...maybe a gazillion, ok I lie but it sure looked like that many. 
I had the Eggs Atlantic (?)- toasted english muffins with smoked salmon and delicious hollandaise sauce, topped with fresh dill. Mmm, the sauce is perfect and the eggs are beautifully poached.

Bf opted for Eggs Benedict with mushrooms- can't go wrong there!

The previous time we went (oh, maybe over a year ago now) we shared a blueberry pancake between the 2 of us and it was just divine. I highly recommend it since the pancake is packed full of juicy blueberries. They also do a proper chai latte (with the spices and tea- not the syrup rubbish) so if you like your chai like I like mine, give it go... you won't regret it ;)

Quick post this time around- I am officially joining the working world once again come tomorrow! 

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