Friday, October 8, 2010

Leaving on a jet plane...

Only difference is, I know when I'll be back again! Never thought I'd be affected by jetlag but I think it's a combination of the time difference and daylight savings time in Melbourne that's making me feel so tired. Coming back to KL for a short visit doesn't feel like I'm on holidays at all- I feel like I'm just alternating between my 'normal home' and a 'holiday home' lol. 

I always, always, ALWAYS have reverse culture shock when I return- only for a couple of hours before I get used to the way things are in Malaysia. One example would be where people queue up to board the plane before an announcement is even made. I mean, wtf? Surely you'll get to board the plane since you already paid for your ticket. Another was when I was waiting to get my luggage from the carousel, people were just crowding in and enclosing me into a small space with their trolleys. So what do I do after I get my luggage? Hop over your trolleys? It doesn't take two brains to figure out that leaving some space won't kill you, your luggage isn't gonna grow legs and walk off somewhere else. Urgh. 

OK- enough ranting. On a brighter note, I'm heading off to Singapore tomorrow! That'll be fun...I always love visiting Singapore. And the AUD is SO STRONG right now, I really hope it reaches parity soon! Can you imagine the things I can buy? Hehehe. Although I've only been working for a week and I've already spent my month's pay. Oops. We shall just ignore that small little detail ok?

I like that I have pay TV here and I always have CNBC on in the mornings. Is that a geeky admission? Then in the arvos I switch the channels to MTV and E! Can't get enough of celebrity gossip and reality TV. 

I haven't set my watch and phone to KL time yet so when I woke up at 8am this morning I really thought it was 8am in KL. It was actually only 5am in KL. -_-  If this continues for the next few days I'm gonna have really early mornings and be asleep by 9pm every night. How fun! Not. Although it'll be good for when I return to Melbourne though, since I won't be experiencing any time difference of any sort. Right? I can just picture myself being so tired in the first week of work when I return. Gulp.

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