Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The dress

Girls have many reasons (some silly, some not so) to justify the purchase of a new dress (I have a wedding to attend, I got a new job, I have spare cash laying around, I need to spend money, my closet looks empty, my other dresses need companions otherwise they feel lonely, I haven't bought anything in over a week, I love strawberries etc, etc. The list goes on...and on..), and I willingly admit that on this occasion, I am guilty of this expensive crime. Although I absolutely love EVERYTHING about this dress- from the beautiful flowers on the bust, neck and back to the gorgeous flowy pastel silk, I am contemplating selling it, together with a whole bunch of other dresses that are going up for sale once I'm back in Melbourne. 

See what I mean about the gorgeous details? <3 <3 <3 Too bad the lighting is too dark in the last picture, otherwise the flower on the back shows beautifully. I took all these pictures while the boy was getting ready. What is it with the male species these days? They take forever to get ready :p

Finally ready- we're both looking up and looking very spaced out lol so decided to do another take
Ahhh much better!

Singapore was great- I was THIS close to swiping my credit card and buying another Chanel, but really...I'm thinking of selling my other Chanels too. Although a Jumbo Beige Classic Flap with Silver hardware (divine!) would be perfect for everyday use, I have my eye on something else ;) 


  1. Babes this is a VERY NICE DRESS
    where issit from ... Cez here

  2. Thanks babe! From Forever New, land of many pretty things! I'm thinking of selling it since I don't think I'll get that many wears out of it...