Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cafe Vue

Cafe Vue
401 St Kilda Road

I'm still recovering from dining at Vue de Monde two years ago since it cost me a bomb so decided to take some baby steps and try Cafe Vue.

Not too bad for a lazy Sunday. Good atmosphere, very relaxed, good place to read the papers, chill out and enjoy the rest of the weekend before the Monday monster comes and bites everyone's heads off.

Corn fritters- could give Mart 130 a run for its money but the portion here is much smaller and this doesn't have bacon (I love fat streaky bacon!!)

French toast with maple syrup and creme anglaise- nice hearty bread yum

This is my absolute favourite <3. Wagyu burger with french fries (cos I love my burgers and my chips)

Pumpkin, feta and rocket salad with yuzu dressing. Not a fan of this cos #1 I hate raw onions (ptui) and #2 I hate rocket (eurgh)

okbye. too lazy to talk about food at 11pm at night. It's Friday tomorrow and then it's the weekend again. Awesome!

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