Monday, December 20, 2010

Burnt .... out.

Having left the professional services industry to work in commerce, I must say that the deadlines are few and far between. I've been lucky to leave work at 5-ish everyday but as the company I currently work for has a 31 December year-end, it means that I'll be lucky to see daylight when I leave the office for the next couple of months. 

Add into the mix a merger to complicate reporting requirements- a merger with a listed Hong Kong company, no less. So that means I'll have to take into account HK Listing Rules and Disclosures when I prepare the accounts. Whee. Not so fun when I've been sick for the past week (2nd time in 2 months! Urgh.) and I think I've got the flu this time. *sniffle. Body aches, headaches, blocked nose, cough, sneezing...everything! 

Unfortunately there hasn't been time for bedrest, I've had to work from home (no, working from home doesn't really sound as fun as it does) and last Thurs/Fri were late nights :(. But I guess it was good that I was home, because that meant I was logged onto my Hotmail and I received an email to place pre-orders for Macarons by Duncan! Yay! In my groggy haze I ordered 10 macarons for myself *teehee. Picked them up today on the way home from work and I can't wait to get better so I can devour all of them! Being sick means I've had to say goodbye to my tastebuds so there's really no point getting into them right now.

Look how tempting they are........mmmm......
Check out the sparkly Christmassy stars
Even the red ones have glitter on them
How can you resist them?

I couldn't resist them in the past *here & *here, and I'm back to my old, greedy ways ;) Oh let's be honest, I've never been able to resist good macarons (unless they were absolutely horrible, and trust me, you know a bad macaron when you see one). 

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